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2022 / 3 weeks


Research, Testing, Branding, Design system, UI/UX Design

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3 weeks / 2022


User Research
User Flows
Interaction Design
Usability Testing



bikeSauce is a 100% volunteer-run DIY bike repair space and community hub serving the Regent Park neighbourhood in Toronto.

The ask

Redesign bikesauce's website to make it more enjoyable to browse.

the user

Regent Park is a lower-income neighbourhood in the downtown Toronto area. Our potential users are those who have experience with bike shop websites or biking with financial difficulties.

The current website is built on WordPress with one page.

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Starting with the usability test

usability test




60 mins


Google Meet

I started off with a usability test of the current bikeSauce website to gather insights on user behaviours and pain points through a micro lens.

It's so hard to search for things I need.

Carmen / Bike owner

I read so much information here, but I get nothing out of it.

Lung / Bikes owner

The donation page doesn't look legit to me.

Fion / Occasional biker

I rather watch tutorials on youtube, there's thousands of videos.

Carmen / Bike owner

online survey





Survey duration

1 week


Google Form

Then, followed by an online survey to get qualitative data to learn about users in a broader sense.

Top 3 pain points

Top 3 needs

Relevant valuable insights

Visualizing thoughts

Based on the user research, I consolidated everything into an actionable list and that is the scope of areas that needs to work on.

action plan

After checking with the team, 2 and 6 was removed from my next step due to the shortage of volunteers.

site map

Finding bikeSauce's voice

brand identity

bikeSauce is trustworthy, inclusive, supportive and community.

I decided to keep the original colour palette, so it’s easy for existing users to relate to.

bikeSauce doesn’t have a pre-existing guideline, so it’s important for me to define how it aims to look, feel, and sound before moving on to the high-fidelity design.

brand guideline example page

I decided to keep the original colour palette while adding some more shades to play with. So it’s easy for existing users to relate to.

Final design


Our participants felt bikeSauce's new website is easy to navigate, professional and trustworthy in a clear position.

Interesting facts


Social presence is crucial

I discovered how people verify a brand heavily relying on its footprint on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and Facebook.  They thought this was the quickest way to fact-check a company.

A few words ...

People are very familiar with online purchases or payments now, they would expect a certain user flow. Sticking with the common pattern will give them the confidence to make online donations.

Hopefully, we can publish the website very soon. Stay tuned!

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